Submission of 23 Things as an RDA Supporting Output

16 Jun 2016

Hi all,
Even though it has been provisionally listed on the RDA website, the Secretariat requested that we submit our 23 Things for the formal process of community review to become an RDA Supporting Output [1].
Also, many of us worked together since P7 to translate the 23 Things into different languages to reach a broader audience. I've attached the translations, which have not yet been released.
Please share any input now before we submit the whole ball of wax to RDA for community input and to be posted to the website and formally endorsed.
Special thanks to Eva Méndez, Hans-Jürgen Göbelbecker, Robert Ulrich, Inna Kouper, Suntae Kim, Hui Wang, Dou Tianfang, Ramesh Gaur, Mohamed Yahia, Mohamed Saber Abdel Hassan, Pedro Miguel Oliveira Bento Príncipe, and Yolanda Melco for their work and support!
Michael Witt, Purdue University
Head, Distributed Data Curation Center (D2C2)
Associate Professor of Library Science