I-ADOPT in a nutshell

The activity proposed by this group will address the I (interoperability) of the FAIR data principles by developing an Interoperability Framework for describing observable properties, focusing on environmental sciences in a first instance. This conceptual framework will foster interoperability between cross-domain terminologies by providing a common method to systematically express or represent observable properties, thus paving the way for seamless terminology alignment. 

To achieve this goal, the group decided to work on the following tasks:

Task 1: Collect user stories and formalise them into use cases - Nov 19 - February 20

Task 2: Survey existing observation-centric terminologies - Jan 20 - February 20

Task 3: Derive use case requirements - March 20 - April 20

Task 4: Analyse semantic representation of Observable Properties against requirements - May 20 - October 20

Task 5: Develop the Interoperability Framework - Nov 20 - April 21

Task 6: Test local mapping design patterns - May 21 - June 21

More details to be found in the case statement.


At the RDA 17 (20-23 April 2021) we presented our first official version of the  I-ADOPT Framework. In January 2022 we finalized the I-ADOPT recommendations which were endorsed by RDA in April 2022. See here the full documentation: DOI: 10.15497/RDA00071 


Official RDA meetings of I-ADOPT:

11 RDA Plenary meeting in Berlin (March 2018): Task group formed under Vocabulary Semantic Service Interest Group (VSSIG)

13 RDA Plenary meeting in Philadelphia (April 2019): BOF- Harmonising FAIR descriptions of observational data 

14 RDA Plenary meeting in Helsinki (Oktober 2019): Kick-Off Meeting of I-ADOPT

15 RDA Virtual Plenary meeting (March 2020): Working Session Minutes, recording

16 RDA Virtual Plenary meeting (November 2020): Working Session Minutes, recording

17 RDA Virtual Plenary meeting (March 2021): Working Session Minutes, recording

18 RDA Virtual Plenary meeting (November 2021): Closing Session Minutes, recording

In March 2021 we had two I-ADOPT workshops testing and further developing the I-ADOPT Interoperability Framework.


If you want to participate, please:



You can find all our material in Github.  

Find us on twitter:  https://twitter.com/IAdoptRda