Working Meeting April 30 17:00 CEST

23 Apr 2020

Dear all,
we decided in our last telco to meet again next week to accelerate the progress on the requirement task. You are welcome to participate if you can afford it, but it would be necessary that you can find some time to prepare some work before that meeting.
The idea is that each of us tries independently to refine one specific user story (issue 20) from our GitHub repository in such a way that we can derive requirements. This would imply that we can distinguish needed actions (events) to achieve the goal of the user story. The requirements are than all necessary resources and conditions for each of the actions.
At the working meeting on Thursday April 30 17:00 CEST we harmonize the different views on this user story requirements. This will help us to define a template or guidance for others to provide the requirements for their user story. If you are interested to participate at this activity but cannot attend the meeting please forward to me your thoughts (as slides, as a word document, as an email, it is up to you) before the meeting.
Tomorrow I will have to work on the issue 20 a bit more to describe better the context and involved resources. So consider it to be ready by Saturday morning.
We than talk again on April 30 17:00 CEST by using the zoom link:
Register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Best regards,
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