WG: [i-adopt] FAIRsFAIR Open Consultation

18 Sep 2019

Dear all,
I would like to encourage you to contribute to this survey, at least at the Semantic and Interoperability questionnaire: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/FAIRsemanticsAndSolutions
If other groups already do this gathering of highly relevant information, we could skip this task in our workplan or just focus on very specific questions left. But this should be decided only after reviewing other’s survey results.
Please consider that the deadline for the contribution is already in two days (20 September!)
Thank you very much.
Best regards,
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Von: sarapittonet via InteroperAble Descriptions of Observable Property Terminology WG (I-ADOPT WG)
Gesendet: Montag, 9. September 2019 18:44
An: InteroperAble Descriptions of Observable Property Terminology WG (I-ADOPT WG)
Betreff: [i-adopt] FAIRsFAIR Open Consultation
Dear members of the I-ADOPT WG,
I am writing on behalf of the H2020 funded FAIRsFAIR project "Fostering FAIR Data Practices In Europe". The project is working to offer practical solutions for implementing FAIR data principles across data repositories all around Europe, with a focus on fostering a FAIR data culture and promoting good practices. FAIRsFAIR will also support implementation of the Rules of Participation (RoP) and regulatory compliance that organisations need to participate in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), helping to progress from pilots to a functioning infrastructure.
In order to meet these objectives and building upon the findings of recent studies, we now seek input from a wide range of organisations already helping to make data FAIR. We invite contributions to two surveys - one focusing on policies and practices, and the other more focused on semantics and interoperability. We welcome individual contributions to either or both surveys and encourage multiple responses from an organisation, reflecting different views and areas of expertise.
The consultation period runs until September 20th, 2019. To take part, please visit https://www.fairsfair.eu/fairsfair-open-consultation-fair-data-policies-... and select the survey you are best able to contribute to.
We greatly appreciate your time and will make the resulting anonymised data widely available for reuse.
All the best,
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