Survey on terminologies of observable properties extended to April 30

03 Apr 2020

Dear colleague,
on behalf of the RDA Working Group on InteroperAble Descriptions of Observable Property Terminology (I-ADOPT), I would like to encourage you to support our endeavour to collect existing terminologies and annotation practices to describe observable properties. This survey is a key step in our ambitious 18-month workplan to ultimately deliver a common semantic framework to facilitate interoperability between observable property terminologies and, as a result, that of their associated data resources.
We have prepared three versions of this survey tailored to your time availability:
* Comprehensive survey for terminology providers and/or consumers (~30 min /46 questions)
* Short survey for terminology providers (7 min/25 questions)
* Short survey for terminology consumers (7 min/25 questions)
The survey has now been prolonged till April 30.
You can also still contribute to the github collection of user stories for I-ADOPT which will be used to derive requirements for the framework.
I hope that you will see value in our activity and that we can encourage you to join the officially endorsed working group.
Many thanks to all who already contributed to the survey!
Best regards and take care,
Barbara Magagna, co-chair of I-ADOPT
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