revised case statement and agreed approach

19 Oct 2019

Dear all,
as already announced I updated the case statement considering all inputs from the group and the changes requested by the TAB. See here
I will send the refined case statement to the TAB tomorrow evening. If you still wish changes, please let me know in time.
I also adjusted the approach according to the conversation I had with Gwen:
Proposed approach:
1. Collect
a. Collect user stories
· by model (each model was created with a specific list of tasks in mind that it should be able to fulfill or support)
· by project (each project might have specific tasks in mind addressing terminologies for observable properties)
· by concrete needs of the involved parties (but also outside the group)
· by all of the above
-> we will use this template but have still to discuss on some details at the Kick-Off session
b. develop use cases by formalising user stories into generic and
classified descriptions
2. Collect semantic representations focused on Nitrogen first
* within the group (starting October 2019), we will use this template: , but still open for discussion at the Kick-off session
* outside the group (via questionnaire sent out in the 1Q 2020)
3. Derive requirements
· extract specific requirements from the user stories (requirements -> information required to answer questions related to a user story
· they could be linked to several user stories, a use case can imply multiple requirements
· they can be formulated as competency questions which allow to check within task 4 if the different representations/models fulfil them
4. Check compliance of the representations with each requirement
5. Check degree of support by each semantic representation for each user story
6. Develop a conceptual framework to enable interoperability between terminologies
7. Test the framework with a different object of interest (temperature, …)
8. Develop mapping design patterns for individual models towards the framework
Both templates are still open for discussion especially the one for semantic representation collection. I will continue to think over it the next coming days and update you if useful. We will fix them at the Kick-Off session.
Best regards,
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