Review of case statement

26 Sep 2019

Dear all,
I need your active contribution for a couple of issues. Please do this before end of the week:
We have got feedback of the TAB, which seems very interested to approve our case statement, but which indicates that a revision is required.
Here you can see a TAB review related documents:
We had yesterday a teleconference with our TAB liason Dimitris Koureas to identify needed improvements for the case statement. The meeting was very productive.
For getting the case statement approved it would be helpful if all of you could help filling a list of resources/projects that will support activities of the WG, also if these projects are not mentioning the WG itself, but likely will be used for bringing forward the goals of the WG (also adoption of the outputs of the WG). Please use this Google sheet ( external supporting projects: )
I would also like to encourage you to fill this table for having a list of events, where we present the work of I-ADOPT
We are also collecting all existing GitHub accounts to create a Github repository for the Group, please put in your account if you have one:
Anu has prepared a draft template to gather details on potential use cases:
Please read and provide your views, suggestions for improvement.
We will meet again in one week, Thursday 3 October, 6:00 pm (CEST).
Thank you for all your help.
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