Observable properties and drones - Pre P14 hackathon

17 Sep 2019

Hi all

In the name of cross-RDA collaboration I'm hoping you'll find this event interesting and appealing enough to join us, but even if not, your students might be interested and/or see this as a way to partialy fund attending P14

The drone data IG is hosting a pre-event hackathon working on the LANDRS (Linked And Networked DRoneS) project where amoungst other things we're working on creating an ontology and building an OpenAPI sepecification for creating a Restful API for building linked data native drone data applications.

One proposed topic that might be of particular interest to this group is we're working on a Python API for annotating drone captured data as SOSA Observations and the associate parameters. (Driven by our ongoing work to develop an appropriate drone ontology and drone observation data model

Details, registration, and funding links are all in the attached flyer/on the RDA program here

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