I-ADOPT recommendations open for review

14 Feb 2022

Dear all,

as you might have already noticed the regular lifespan of our working group is over. By the end of January 2022 we submitted the first version of the I-ADOPT recommendations. These recommendations are now under public review until Thursday, 3 March,2022. We invite you all to read and comment on them.

We decided to continue as a maintenance group and we will focus on promoting the outcomes of the group and on refining and extending the supporting outputs curated on github, e.g.:

I-ADOPT ontology

- a catalogue of terminologies relevant to observable properties

- a repository of design patterns

- a step-by-step guide for minting new variables

- a list of I-ADOPT applications

alignments to other ontological frameworks. 


Thank you all for your amazing support and I look forward to seeing you during the monthly VSSIG meetings or future I-ADOPT events which we will announce well in advance.

Best regards on behalf of the I-ADOPT core group members