dinner in Helsinki - Wednesday Oct 23 20:00

19 Oct 2019

Dear all,
I have now reserved a table for 10 persons at the restaurant Juttutupa, Säästöpankinranta 6, Helsinki, see https://www.tripadvisor.at/Restaurant_Review-g189934-d797205-Reviews-Jut... for Wednesday Oct 23 at 20:00, code: I-ADOPT. It is easy to reach from the RDA venue by M1 or M2 in about 30 min. You are welcome to join us even if you didn't indicate your availability yet.
Gwen and I have also fixed the agenda for the Kck-off session:
· Gwenaelle Moncoiffe: Overview presentation - on case statement & work done (15 min)
· Anusuriya Devaraju: Introducing task 1 Collection of User stories(10 min)
· Barbara Magagna: Introducing task 2 Collection of Semantic representations (15 min)
· Nicola Fiore: EcoPortal as a collaborative terminology platform for the WG (10 min)
· Open / structured discussion about (30 min), moderated by Barbara Magagna
o input for user stories
o collection of existing surveys about relevant terminologies
o strategy for collection of semantic representations
· John Graybeal: Conclusions about next steps (10 min)
I had also a longer conversation with Gwen and we agreed on a workplan, which I will circulate together with the revised case statement later today.
See some of you next week!
@Anu: unfortunately I couldn't accomodate your wish to have the dinner on Tuesday. So I would ask you if the two of us could meet on Tuesday evening to prepare the session for Friday instead (in a nice place of our choice, very informally)
Best regards,