"Good Data Practices for Indigenous Data Sovereignty" in Good Data

05 Feb 2019
The Institute of Network Cultures has released a new book Good Data that includes a chapter on Good Data Practices for Indigenous Data Sovereignty." This is a good blog on the the book (read the blog if nothing else!): http://networkcultures.org/blog/2019/01/11/principles-of-good-data/
Lovett, Ray, Vanessa Lee, Tahu Kukutai, Stephanie Carroll Rainie, Jennifer Walker. “Good Data Practices for Indigenous Data Sovereignty,” in Angela Daly, Kate Devitt, & Monique Mann (Eds.), Good Data, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures Inc. ISBN 978-94-92302-27-4. http://networkcultures.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Good_Data.pdf
Also, this article on digital colonialism: (Big) Data and the North-in-South: Australia’s Informational Imperialism and Digital Colonialism by Mann & Daly.
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