Interoperability of observable properties description - meeting days

11 Apr 2019

Dear all,
This is a gentle reminder for checking the doodles below to choose the meeting days for our teleconferences, I will close them by tomorrow noon. The meeting time was already fixed by me, just the day(s) have to be selected. Unfortunately I mixed up the descriptions of the doodles (indicating wrong times), but I have corrected this early this week. So I invite everybody to check whether these days indicated by you are still valid.
We meet twice a month:
o first week: European/American friendly (18:00 CEST, Vienna/9:00 PDT, San Francisco). Please check doodle:
o third week: European/Australian friendly (9:00 CEST. Vienna/18:00 AEDT, Melbourne). Please check doodle:
So the next meeting will be already next week. I will announce the result tomorrow evening with an agenda for our first meeting after the BoF session.
Best regards,
Barbara Magagna, DI
Ecosystem Research & Environmental Information Management
Ökosystemforschung & Umweltinformationsmanagement
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