Re: [secretariat][gorc-ig] Fwd: Undeliverable: RDA Virtual Plenary 17 - Notification of Acceptance

03 Mar 2021

Hi Stefanie, all
I know Vivien. She was at NIH but moved to Deloitte the other year so should have a new contact email there. I’d only been using the gmail one though so can’t provide updated details.
Good to reach out and check best contact detail now
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Subject: [secretariat][gorc-ig] Fwd: Undeliverable: RDA Virtual Plenary 17 - Notification of Acceptance
Hi all,
Does anyone know Vivien Bonazzi? She has three RDA accounts, two of which are subscribed to groups, but unfortunately only her gmail address works.
It would be good if we could reconcile the three accounts, as she currently does not receive emails via the GORC IG and the WG&IG Chairs (I just got a bounce).
If nobody knows her, I'll contact her.
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Subject: RDA Virtual Plenary 17 - Notification of Acceptance
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Cc: "***@***.***" <***@***.***>
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2021 17:38:28 +0000
Subject: RDA Virtual Plenary 17 - Notification of Acceptance
Dear Chairs of the Global Open Research Commons IG,
Congratulations! Your RDA Virtual Plenary 17 (VP17) session application titled A typology of the components of Global Open Research Commons has been approved by the Technical Advisory Board (TAB). Please consider this your official notification of acceptance.
Although your submission is fine, TAB has asked the Secretariat to communicate to you their recommendations to incorporate more interaction in the agenda, which could increase engagement with your audience, as well as reduce the scope a bit as it appears quite ambitious. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these suggestions, or would like to discuss your submission with TAB, please contact your TAB liaison, Frankie Stevens (copied in this email).
At this time, the Secretariat is scheduling all approved sessions and the draft programme will be published on 12th March. Any requests for changes should be made by 19th March and the final detailed programme with your session time and link to your session page will be published by 23rd March 2021 on the RDA website.
For this meeting, the organising committee has selected a virtual conference platform to integrate all aspects of the meeting (scheduling, meeting delivery, networking, etc.).
Information will be provided to you in the upcoming weeks regarding the platform, specifically related to its functionality and available training and support.
Going forward, please begin planning for your session. As a reminder, there will be some individuals who attend your session who are unfamiliar with your group’s work. We encourage you to keep your session page updated with information about your group, your session and opportunities attendees will have to engage with you and others during the session.
Please contact us at ***@***.***, or your TAB liaison, Karin Breitman (in copy), if you have any questions about your session.
Registration for VP17 will soon be going live, please see here for details together with an outline of the registration fees.
We look forward to your participation at VP17, and on behalf of the RDA TAB and Secretariat, thank you for your ongoing engagement with the RDA.
All the best,
RDA Secretariat
Dr Stefanie Kethers
Senior Business Analyst, ARDC
Director of Operations, Research Data Alliance
M +61 405844197
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Monash University
ARDC Office
Building T, 100 Sir John Monash Drive
Caulfield East, VIC 3145, Australia
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