IG session for P16

30 Jul 2020

Hi all

Apologies for the silence over the last few months but we are getting back into swing now...

We wanted to let you know that we have submitted a session proposal for plenary 16. We hope to run this twice to meet North/South American, European and Australasian friendly times.

The session is called "Defining and classifying Global Open Research Commons to promote alignment and collaboration" and will focus on gathering feedback on a definition and typology of the Commons. Currently the IG chairs are having regular calls to synthesise work from our initiatives to propose a strawman draft which can be discussed in the session. We will share work in advance to give you time to review before offering feedback.

The session abstract is provided below for reference and we welcome any thoughts you have to offer.

Best wishes



The main objective of this session is to solicit feedback on work to date and identify possible Working Group activities. The first two planned activities of the Interest Group are to: 

  • Build consensus and alignment around the description/vision of a Commons.

  • Define and validate a typology of Open Science Commons to provide a framework to make infrastructures more interoperable thereby resolving societal challenges at a global scale


We are currently proposing a generic description of Open Research Commons based on the definitions and values on which each of our organisations is constituted. In addition, we are analysing the service component diagrams from each of our initiatives to identify common elements that can be used to propose a typology. The outputs from this work will be shared in advance of the plenary and short presentations will be recorded so the session can focus on community feedback.


In addition to this, the meeting will also cover brainstorming on potential topics for Working Groups and a roadmap for activities for the Interest Group as a whole. One proposal for a benchmarking Working Group is already being formulated. The typology will present the core components of a Commons so may offer other ideas of potential Working Groups e.g. service catalogues. We will also proactively seek alignements with existing IG/WGs.