Geospatial IG charter - Request for comments/suggestions

25 Jul 2014
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We would like to get your thoughts/suggestions on the Geospatial IG charter document (attached) before we submit the final version to the secretariat. Please let us know any changes/updates by Aug 9th and then i will incorporate all additions/modifications and will submit to final charter version to the secretariat.
Thanks especially to Sven, Andrea for their inputs for helping with the charter document preparation.
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  • Dawn Wright's picture

    Author: Dawn Wright

    Date: 28 Jul, 2014

    Thank you for sharing this comprehensive document. I am wondering if there is interest in considering policies for documenting and sharing geospatial analytical models as well (e.g., GIS workflows, geoprocessing web services, ModelBuilder scrips, ArcGIS toolboxes, metadata for models in addition to datasets). I think this is a very wide-reaching issue that this IG could contribute greatly to. I have sent a document with further comments to Suchith.

    Best wishes,

    Dawn Wright

  • Suchith Anand's picture

    Author: Suchith Anand

    Date: 30 Jul, 2014

    Thanks Dawn for your inputs. I am waiting for everyone to give thier inputs and then send the updated document to all.

    All - please do send any suggestions/modifications before 9th August. Thanks.



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