Survey closed, next steps.

07 Jun 2015
Groups audience: 

Hi all,

The survey is now closed. We received 297 response. That's about 10% of the membership. Not bad. If interested, you can see the raw results.

The survey analysis team did a preliminary analysis last week and the coordination team used that in a meeting today to synthesize and plan next steps. I revised the general schedule accordingly and post a few more details below.

15 JUNE: Result of 6 June meeting in slides capturing major points
30 JUNE:  Final analysis of survey (Analysis team)
JULY:  Slides revised  (Sandra)
mid- AUGUST:  Webinar in Australia/Asia in August (Ross, Mark)
EARLY SEPTEMBER:  Webinar in Europe  + Africa  (Sandra, Mark)
EARLY SEPTEMBER:  Webinar in Americas (Walter, Fran, Mark)
September 21?:  Pool findings, revise slides
P6:  Consultation/consensus session on revised slides
LATE SEPT:  Write final document shortly after P6
EARLY OCTOBER:  Review team assessment
END OF OCTOBER:  Write and release final report