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Fisheries Data Interoperability


Fisheries Data Harmonization 

Geospatial data standards and formats for fisheries timeseries and model output

Data interoperability services


The WG will have three co-chairs

Each co-chair is responsible for the delivery of the output specified in the work-plan below. 

  • Anton Ellenbroek - For overall WG delivery management
  • Aymen Charef - For fisheries statistical data interoperability
  • Julien Barde - For fisheries geospatial data interoperability 



March 2017:

  • Material for the working group: Draft for conventions with examples of data stuctures
  • The use case of tuna RFMOs datasets to illustrate the implementations of conventions for gridded datasets.

April 2017

  • Validation of a first data structure to be implementend for gridded datasets
  • Generation of metadata in line with working group recommandations

May 2017

  • Integration of such data and metadata in BlueBridge project workflow (Tuna Atlas VRE)
  • Similar approach for Stock assessment data

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