WG Session at RDA Plenary in Montreal

08 Sep 2017

Dear WG Members, 

The meeting at the upcoming RDA plenary has been confirmed, and is scheduled on the 19th of September from 11:30 to 13:00 in the Mansflied room number 10. 

It is not included on the RDA programme on the website, but we will be there!

The focus will be on geospatial standards and tools for fisheries data, and Julien Barde and Emmanuel Blondel will present some cool tools supporting map generation and management. 

Please let us know if you like to discuss specific topics, if we should attend other WG/IG meetings, or if you want to learn more on speciic WG actions.

The deadline to raise topics for discussion is 13 September, we appreciate your feedback before that date (but we are flexible ....).

We probably will have a WG call 14 September to have an update on the WG actions and plenary preparations. 

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback,

With many thanks from all co-chairs!