WG-FDI session at RDA Plenary; 6th of April

11 Feb 2017


We have received the official notification of acceptance for the WG Fisheries Data Interoperability meeting application submitted for the upcoming RDA 9th Plenary, in Barcelona.

Your session has been scheduled for Thursday 6th April, Breakout 6, 14:00 - 15:30.

Please let us know if you intend to attend, and if you are willing to present your ideas for this WG. 

I will suggest an agenda later, but not think of three topics;

  1. Fisheries data interoperability and harmonization; the state of the art in FAO FI Statistcs department
  2. Applying geospatial standards and formats to fisheries time series and model output; the IRD re-usability case
  3. Fisheries data services and integrated in a collaborative eInfrastructure; the CNR D4Science data infra  

Of course, these are tentaive topics, and they will be refined. 

The coming week will be dedicated to establishing teh WG membership, and by 24 Feb we should aim to have the WG programme objectives that we can present and discuss @ the RDA plenary. 

The objectives, work-plan and outputs wll be described in the WG wiki:


The same wiki will have the notes of meetings organized for theis WG.


Thank you all for your contributions until now, and hope to see you in Barcelona.