RDA FDI Teleconference - 25 May - 14:00 - 14:30 Rome time

18 May 2017

Dear FDI WG members, 

The first call after the RDA 9 Plenary of thsi WG will be called next week 25 May from 14:00 - 15:30 Rome time. 

We will circulate an agenda next Tuesday, but we now welcome your suggestions. 

Provisional agenda items:

  1. FAO and BlueBRIDGE MDM and Reference data management progress; SDMX example
  2. IRD implementaion of RDA recommandations for keywords (labels of species, fishing gears, fleet..) and spatial data types; and code examples to publish metadata and WMS/WFS
  3. Call for inventory of existing data policies and interoprabiilty papers and examples. FAO will reruit 2 consultans to work on the interoperability from a 'legal' (policy is more appropiate) and metadata perspective.

We hope to welcome you next week. 

Connection details will be shared next week.

Anton Ellenbroek.