Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries Data Integration

25 Jan 2018

Dear FDIers, 

Today @ 15:00 Rome time FDI-WG Member Aureliano Gentile (with a little help from some friends) will introduce the Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries (GRSF); an integrated (3 data sources) dynamic (yes, we can update) and harmonized (heavily relying on FAO CWP classifications for species, gears, etc). 

Read here how to connect, what it looks like, and how it was developed.

The webinar will be recorded, and you are welcome to look at it later. 

The GRSF was developed with EU H2020 BlueBRIDGE support, and contains contributions of FAO (content and requirements) FORTH Crete (Semantic KB, data management, and a lot of patience), and CNR-ISTI (CKAN Catalog development and overall tech and integration support). 

The GRSF aims to provide unbiased information to support e.g. fisheries tracability.

We hope to welcome you at the seminar,

Anton Ellenbroek.