FDI WG Meeting Notes 25 May 2017

25 May 2017

RDA Meeting Notes 25-MAY-2017 14:00 - 14:30

Participants: Anton Ellenbroek, Aureliano Gentile, Emmanuel Blondel, Enrique Wulff, Carmen Reverté

(Note: The conferencing system had problems, and several attendees failed to login)


1. Overview of membership

  • Members list is online

2. FAO plan to support regional standardization of timeseries

A. Master Data Management services

  • FAO plans for 2017 inlcude the gradual roll-out of Master Data Management services based on EBX5. This will cover FAO refrence data for fisheries (release data unknown). Late June, there will be a CWP meeting in Denmark that will include discussion on this topic. 

B. Harmonization services

  • A.Ellenbroek showed the Tabular Manager; the online tool available to harmonize tabular data
  • A.Ellenbroek quickly showed how timeseries can be stored from the Tabular Manager into a dedicated registry in SDMX format. 

3. FAO recruitement of two consultants to work on:

  • A.Ellenbroek reported on recruitment progress; activity related to RDA will start in June.

4. IRD update about ongoing work related to OGC standards for fisheries datasets (Tuna Atlas use case):

  • J.Barde was one of the WG Members with connection problems, and the topics were not discussed. 
  • Using OGC metadata to describe gridded fisheries datasets (from RFMOs, tuna atlas use case),
  • Using standard data formats (eg CSV, NetCDF) to package these datasets by complying with RDA recommandations for the data structure,
  • Using OGC access protocols (CSW, WMS, WFS, WCS) to make previous metadata and data available with standardized Web Services.
  • Outlooks: stock assessment model outputs / time series

5. E.Blondel reported that for geospatial data the INSPIRE directive is important to the FDI WG, ad that a relevant part of it is supported through the BlueBRIDGE H2020 data services in the D4S infrastructure. The OGC standards are being supported with IRD, and we tend to cover OGC metadata INSPIRE compliance (for the European context)

6. E.Wulff expressed interest in the Tuna Atlas, and would like to learn more. He can e.g. access here:
https://bluebridge.d4science.org/group/fao_tunaatlas/visualise-data (requires registration)
This is only the vizualization part, and does not cover the data preparation and harmonization of data from Tuna Management bodies public datasets. 

7. C.Reverté Explaiend her interst in data management for aquaculture and her involvement in the H2020 MedAID project. 

A.Ellenbrek mentions that participation would be welcome @ the BlueBRIDGE RDA Datathon 16-17 June in Crete. Also other FDI WG members are invited to express their interest.
A.Ellenbroek introduced some activities of BlueBRIDGE

  • Aquaculture detection in Greece and Indonesia with CLS (Slides: https://goo.gl/wuwqEl)
  • Aquaculture farm management with a focus on the eastmed with CITE and I2S
  • MPA and environmental overlap analysis with GRID-A (Slides: https://goo.gl/UEu9nQ)
  • E.g. following presentation summarizes some activities: 

8. Meeting closes, not next date scheduled (probably week of 26 June with a focus on the legal and metadata aspects)