FDI related webinar on Marine Protected Areas Impact Maps

17 Nov 2017

If you want to 'lazily' learn about the Marine Protected Area Impact Maps Virtual Research Environment (VRE), check out this webinar http://bit.ly/2hvhhAb that will run you through how to compile your own MPA report and much more. 

The slides are also available : https://goo.gl/QmB5ag

We believe this is a good example of how an e-Infrastructure supports user-facing products (that you can see) with a complex data import and QA process (that you cannot see). 

Behind the scenes, the data harmonization (often R-Based) and analysis (WPS) and vizualization (OGC Compliant) processes are re-usable and very relevant to also fisheries and aquaculture data management. They were in large parts develped by E.Blondel, who can explain in detail how they are releavnt to RDA. 

We hope you enjoy, 

Anton Ellenbroek / Emmanuel Blondel

(And thanks to the team of GRID Arendal; M.McMillan-Lawler, L.Westerveld and D.Bhaktha)