BlueBRIDGE Webinar on EO Data for Aquaculture detection - Friday 02 FEB

29 Jan 2018

Dear FDI-ers, 
The FDI Working Group activities to promote data interoperability has covered the generation of spatially explicit data as georeferenced data in the recent past. We now look the other way, and present how EO data can contribute to the identification of fisheries activities. The acitivity is covered by the BlueBRIDGE project, and some FDI members have provided significant contributions to the success of the service (Thanks E. Blondel)

The use of EO data to detect aquaculture facilities is part of the BlueBRIDGE webinar series. It will start Friday 02 Feb @ 11 AM Rome time. 
Nicolas Longepe of CLS Brest will explain how BlueBRIDGE data services rise above the CLS and D4Science "clouds" to analyse (in the CLS space) and validate (in the BlueBRIDGE space) a combination of visual and radar (Sentinel) data to detect cages in the mediterranean and coastal ponds in Indonesia.  
We welcome your attendance,  

Anton Ellenbroek.