[question] Re: [rda-biosharing-wg] IMPORTANT NOTICE: New Group mailing list

10 Oct 2018

Dear Sara and Secretariat,
Many thanks for the changes and the notification. Can you please clarify (also to the WG members) if we/they need to register again to the new one. I guess and hope not, but imo it is not clear.
Also, from tracking and provenance shall we assume the messages sent - during these last two years - to the list will remain visible on the (new) WG webpage?
Kind regards
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  • Sara Pittonet Gaiarin's picture

    Author: Sara Pittonet G...

    Date: 11 Oct, 2018

    Dear Susanna and all
    I confirm that you DO NOT need to subscribe again to the Group, and yes,
    the messages sent will remain visible in the Group page.
    I hope this may help!

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