Primer on Funder-Publisher policy alignment session - Breakout 8, tomorrow/Thur 22

21 Apr 2021

Dear RDA community,
The conveners of the funder-publisher policy alignment session on
Thursday 22 April, are writing to share an update on our work and
request your feedback on a background document
have prepared.
By sharing this document
advance we want to empower the RDA community to engage with our project,
either at the session or by commenting on the document by 4th May 2021.
The objective of the joint session
to engage stakeholders for input into information sources for policy
research (phase 1 of our project) and for suggestions on approaches and
tools for engagement (for phase 2).  We also welcome expressions of
interest to take part in the project.  Following the session, we aim to
develop an engagement plan for developing policy alignment the
recommendations in consultation with stakeholders, including researchers
If you have questions about the project please contact one of the
co-chairs of our groups listed below.
Best wishes,
Message prepared on behalf of the chairs of:
IG  Research Funders and Stakeholders on Open Research and Data
Management Policies and Practices (contact: Jeremy Geelen -
IG  Data Policy Standardisation and Implementation (contact Iain
Hrynaszkiewicz - ***@***.***
and WG  FAIRsharing Registry - Connecting data policies, standards &
databases (contact: Susanna-Asssunta Sansone -
Prof. Susanna-Assunta Sansone, PhD
Associate Director, Oxford e-Research Centre
Associate Professor, Dep of Engineering Science,
University of Oxford, UK
Data Readiness Group:
ORCiD: 0000-0001-5306-5690
skype: susanna-a.sansone
twitter: @SusannaASansone
While I may be sending this email outside my normal office hours,
I have no expectation to receive a reply outside yours.