06 Dec 2022

Dear Chairs of the FAIRsharing Registry: Connecting data policies, standards and databases RDA WG, the Professionalising Data Stewardship IG, the Early Career and Engagement IG and the Engaging Researchers with Data IG,
Thank you for your RDA 20th Plenary (P20) session application.
Whilst we deem your session proposal application, ‘Bringing the RDA Community to your Community’, to be of considerable value and interest to the RDA community, we would like to invite you to liaise with the RDA Europe project manager, Najla Rettberg (***@***.***-foundation.org) to merge your session with her BoF session titled ‘Harnessing the power of the RDA: grants and other instruments supporting grass-roots expertise, knowledge sharing and community building’. In accordance with the RDA’s Guiding Principles, we believe in harmonising community efforts where possible and believe both sessions to be complementary. Please liaise with Najla and revise your merged application, highlighting the modifications, by Tuesday 13 December 2022.
As your session is of great importance and ambition of your session proposal, we feel this topic would be well-suited to a series of dedicated, short events promoted as part of the RDA’s 10th Anniversary event series. Please consider proposing a series of events about ‘Bringing the RDA Community to your Community’ by completing this form.
If you have any questions, please contact ***@***.***-foundation.org, or your TAB liaison(s), Isabelle Perseil, Helen Glaves, Anthony Oko-Isu and Mingfang Wu (in cc).
On behalf of TAB and Secretariat, thank you for your ongoing engagement with the RDA.
Best regards,
RDA Secretariat