Reminder - FAIR4RS WG Final Recommendation Expectations

07 Sep 2021

Dear co-chairs,
Thank you very much for the ongoing work of FAIR4RS WG. This is just a reminder that you are expected to submit your WG’s final Recommendation in 6 months’ time, by 7th March 2022.
To submit your Recommendation, please send the following to the RDA Secretariat (enquiries[at]
* The draft Recommendation
* A short description / abstract
* A brief impact statement (see the pages of Endorsed Recommendations for examples, or Secretariat can provide examples).
* Authorship information. Please note that we usually assume that the WG has been a contributor to the Recommendation, in addition to the named authors. However, you can also nominate the WG as the sole author of the Recommendation.
* Licensing information: Whether the Recommendation should be under a Creative Commons Attribution Only 4.0 license (CC-BY) or the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Public Domain Waiver (CC0). If you would like to use anything else, please discuss this with your Secretariat liaison.
* Further metadata: version, publication date, other metadata that you would like to provide.
* Maintenance and retirement plan (e.g.: the maintenance going forward will be taken over by an Interest Group, maintenance will be adopted by an external organization, etc.)
* The names of two adopters who are willing to provide some information about the adoption of the Recommendation to the RDA Secretariat (the names can be provided during the community review period, see below).
The Secretariat will then mint a DOI for the Recommendation, based on the information you provide, and will start the endorsement process, which starts with a 1-month community review period for the Recommendation. During this period, we ask the co-chairs to monitor and respond to any comments made by the community.
You can find more information about Recommendations and their endorsement process here:
Please let your Secretariat or TAB liaison (both cc’d) know if you have any specific questions about producing your Recommendation, or if you wish to publish any further Outputs of your WG.
Thank you very much,
All the best
RDA Secretariat