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14 Apr 2021

Dear Paula,
A high-level "entry point" guide website for software citation can be
found at (disclaimer: I've set this
up and it needs updates in the references section at least), the
principles of software citation are outlined in There are software citation
checklists for authors (of papers: and developers
(, a best practice papers for
registries/repos ( and guidance for
publishers (
You may also be interested in two CISE Special Issues on the topic (more
theoretical work): and
Also, the FORCE11 Software Citation Implementation working group
may be of interest.
Hope this helps, best wishes

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    Author: Paula Andrea Ma...

    Date: 14 Apr, 2021

    Thank you Stephan, this is excellent!
    I hope you will all agree that the visible value of the FAIR4RS community
    is to build this strong network of collaboration, and sharing resources
    publicly will benefit us all.
    Udayanto, thanks for incentivizing this idea of a list. I would like to
    invite more members to share their resources on this topic of discussion.
    Once we have a few more examples to share I will be happy to start the list
    in somewhere visible, probably our github repo in a view of facilitating contributions.
    Happy to hear from other suggestions.
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