PresQT: Sharing of data and software with integrated FAIR tests

08 Feb 2021

Dear all,

The goal of the project PresQT (Preservation Quality Tool) is to support interoperability between repositories and virtual research environments/science gateways and to improve the quality of sharing data and software adding beneficial metadata and FAIR tests. PresQT and its standards-based design with RESTful web services have been informed via user-centered design and is a collaborative open-source implementation effort. 

We are happy to share that in recent months we tackled fixity and keyword assignment, and that PresQT services are offered for OSF, Zenodo, GitHub, GitLab, CurateND, FigShare and EaaSI. Further integrations are under development such as Whole Tale and HUBzero. We have integrated basic FAIR tests using the services of to increase the quality of preservation by testing whether digital objects are findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable. FAIRness testing via is under development. 

It would be great if you would beta-test the current services to give us feedback. We also appreciate feedback on additional integrations of partners or features.

We have prepared an assessment if you would like to give us feedback via prepared questions.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

We are also happy to answer questions on our biweekly community calls.

It would be great to see you on the call and/or hear back from you. 

Best regards,
John Wang, Rick Johnson, Natalie Meyers, Miranda VanNevel, Noel Recla and Sandra Gesing