Presentation: FAIR for research software at RDA FAIR Digital Object Fabric IG

12 Aug 2022

Dear all,


We would like to extend the invitation from the “RDA FAIR Digital Object Fabric IG” hosting one of the co-chairs of the FAIR4RS WG.

This meeting will take place
2022, August 18, UTC 16:00
Meeting room:

Meeting ID: 640 1030 4690


FAIR for research software

Presenter: Daniel S. Katz

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

This talk will discuss the FAIR4RS process, including version 1.0 of the FAIR4RS principles (,
and ongoing governance of the principles. It will also talk about the differences between software and data, how these differences
led to these principles, and will begin a discussion on how software can be treated as a FAIR digital object.


Collaborative notes: