FAIR4RS WG Town Hall - Feb 2, 2021 @ 20:00 UTC - next steps for drafting FAIR4RS principles

15 Jan 2021

A FAIR4RS WG town hall will occur on 2 February 20:00 UTC (your time conversion) to discuss the next steps for drafting the FAIR4RS principles. Register here. This will build on the fantastic efforts of the four subgroups established in August 2020.


The goal of this town hall meeting is to get community input on the next set of activities for the WG as it begins drafting FAIR principles for research software. We welcome anyone with an interest in how the FAIR principles might be defined and applied to software and related research objects to attend and contribute.


The agenda will include:

  • Welcome

  • Aim of FAIR4RS WG

  • Work of FAIR4RS WG subgroups to date

               1. A fresh look at FAIR for Research Software 

               2. FAIR work in other contexts - draft report

               3. Definition of research software

               4. Review of new research related to FAIR Software  

  • Open discussion to propose future activities to draft the FAIR principles for research software 

  • Upcoming activities


Further FAIR4RS community events will be advertised through the FAIR4RS WG mailing list. You can subscribe to this list by joining the RDA FAIR4RS WG, which also entails joining RDA (free). You can also track our WG events through the RDA events calendar and on our community engagement table on GitHub.


The minutes of this month’s FAIR4RS WG Steering Committee meeting are now available on GitHub, as usual. This was our first meeting open to all WG members, and our meetings will continue to be open. Our next monthly meeting is on 8 Feb 2021, 20:00 UTC, and you can register here.


Yours sincerely,

FAIR4RS WG Steering Committee – Michelle Barker, Neil Chue Hong, Leyla Garcia, Jen Harrow, Morane Gruenpeter, Daniel S. Katz, Carlos Martinez, Paula Andrea Martinez, Fotis Psomopoulos.

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    Author: Paula Andrea Ma...

    Date: 01 Feb, 2021

    To alll those interested in FAIR4RS,

    The FAIR4RS WG is holding a town hall which will occur on 2 February 20:00 UTC (your time conversion) to discuss the next steps for drafting the FAIR4RS principles. Please Register here.

    This is an opportunity for you to provide influencial feedback on the coming milestone of the group. For more information see posts and events on RDA. 


    with kind regards,

    Paula Andrea Martinez

    FAIR4RS Community Manager

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