FAIR4RS skills & training curriculums - input sought for RDA Plenary BoF

02 Aug 2021

If you’re interested in identifying FAIR research software skills and/or developing training curriculums then please help strengthen the draft submission on this topic for the RDA Plenary 18 (3-18 Nov, abstract due 6 Aug).


FAIR research software skills and training curriculums need to be identified and incorporated into broader efforts to facilitate increased support and recognition for the qualified personnel needed to achieve open science.  The recent development of the FAIR4RS principles provides an opportunity for the training and research software communities to advance identification of FAIR research software skills and curriculums, building on both existing work on research software training and the growing body of FAIR data work in this area.


Which existing initiatives that can be built upon (including RSE, computer science and data science curriculums) can be added to the agenda, and what are some case studies we could profile? It would be fantastic to include some Global South initiatives and examples, all suggestions welcome.


Interested participants are also welcome to join the BoF organising team.



Michelle Barker

Director, Research Software Alliance