[FAIR4RS] Research Software definition - consultation until April 26th

12 Apr 2021

You might have participated in the subgroup3 discussions on how to define
research software, which I have advertised here a few times.
We have come to the final steps of the summary report of our discussion in
a Google Document which I'm sharing with you today for a two weeks internal
FAIR4RS consultation (ending on April 26th). We haven't decided yet if this
report should be open to a larger consultation.
In any case, your feedback will be much appreciated and we will acknowledge
your contribution to the effort. Please keep in mind this is not a "camera
ready" at the moment, but you are welcome to help us get there.
Here is the link:
Kind regards,
Morane Ottilia GRUENPETER
Software engineer and metadata specialist
Software Heritage http://www.softwareheritage.org
@INRIA Paris
personal website: http://moranegg.github.io/