[FAIR4RS] November update and feedback survey

03 Dec 2020

Hello everyone,
Thank you for joining our FAIR4RS working group.
During the month of November we had three open sessions, which you might
have attended, where we discussed FAIR4RS (at RDA VP16 and two SORSE
We are about to release a package of all the content produced during the
workshops (a dedicated email/post will be sent for that).
Here are the links for the RDA VP16 session:
Collaborative notes: https://tinyurl.com/FAIR4RS-notes-VP16
Slides: https://tinyurl.com/FAIR4RS-VP16
As you may already know, we have been endorsed in September and started
some of the preliminary work with four subgroups, the subgroups are still
ongoing and you may find all the information on the RDA page at the bottom:
Each subgroup has a link to a Google doc where you can see in detail what
is happening.
If you want to join a subgroup, please contact the subgroup lead by email.
At the moment, only subgroup participants are contributing to their
When each subgroup will have a report draft ready, it will be shared on
this mailing list for consultation as a Google doc. After a Working Group
consultation, each subgroup output will be published and open for a large
community review.
We try to update the FAIR4RS community regularly and are grateful to the
dedicated participants who contribute to the subgroups.
For your information, all our steering committee meetings (which are solely
dedicated to administrative work) have public notes available on the github
On a final note, I apologize that there is a lot of information scattered
and it is sometimes hard to follow. I assure you that this group is one of
the most active groups I've been in, where many participants do engage on
different channels. Also we try to be fully transparent with all
administrative decisions made public on GitHub. If something isn't clear,
do not hesitate using this mailing list to ask for information.
Here are the links to the open documentation:
main gitHub: https://github.com/force11/FAIR4RS
steering-committee meetings: https://github.com/force11/FAIR4RS
RDA page: https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/fair-4-research-software-
posts: https://www.rd-alliance.org/node/69317/posts (our last dedicated
post is from November 9th)
Please let us know, what can we do to make the FAIR4RS community better by
answering this survey:
Thank you very much for your participation and feedback.
Best regards,
Morane Ottilia GRUENPETER
Software engineer and metadata specialist for
Software Heritage http://www.softwareheritage.org
@INRIA Paris
office phone: 01 80 49 44 49
personal website: http://moranegg.github.io/