[FAIR4RS] FAIRsFAIR FAIRness of services assessment framework - before June 15th

07 Jun 2021

Task 2.4, of the FAIRsFAIR EU project, is leading the activity on services
and software.
During the last few months, we have created the FAIRsFAIR FAIRness of
services assessment framework which is explained and detailed in:
Koers, Hylke, Herterich, Patricia, Hooft, Rob, Gruenpeter, Morane, & Aalto,
Tero. (2020). M2.10 Report on basic framework on FAIRness of services
(Version 1.0). Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4292598
Why it might interest you?
Because services are another type of software (not RS), services are the
infrastructures taking care of data and we should strive to have FAIR
enabling services.
We have gathered members of the community during two different workshop and
improved the initial draft. Today we send out the 4th iteration for a
final review before publishing the deliverable this summer.
You can access the latest version in this shared document, where you can
also leave comments on the text: http://bit.ly/FAIRassessment_v4
The deadline for community feedback is until *June 15th*.
Looking forward to what you have to say.
Best wishes,
The FAIRsFAIR T2.4 team
Morane Ottilia GRUENPETER
Software engineer and metadata specialist
Software Heritage http://www.softwareheritage.org
@INRIA Paris
personal website: http://moranegg.github.io/