May 2022 open monthly call

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09 May 2022 UTC

May 2022 open monthly call

09 May 2022

The monthly open FAIR4RS steering committee meeting is on May 9 at 20:00 UTC (your time). 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 828 0383 6201 Passcode: 471074

The FAIR4RS Steering Committee meets once a month to discuss and coordinate the activities conducted for our outcomes. It is about general updates of actions and key next activities planning. Steering committee meetings usually take place on the second Monday of the month at 20:00 UTC.

These meetings are open to all group members in order to encourage participation in general matters. We encourage you to share news about your regional activities, and highlight events where we can collaborate or co-lead activities.

To be informed about the last meeting topics of discussion see: Steering Community meeting minutes: Here we share general updates relevant to the work of the FAIR4RS WG led by the Steering committee and the community.

You can also see details of our past and planned activities in the Engagements Table. You can stay up to date via your preferred engagement channel.

The May meeting chair is Daniel S. Katz



  1. Welcome to all new attendees

  2. Review action items from previous meeting (April 2022)

  3. Progress on finalization of RDA recommendation

  4. Update subgroups

    1. Subgroup 3 - Finalize docs

    2. Subgroup 4 - Finalize docs

    3. Subgroup 6 - Adoption support

    4. Subgroup 7 - Governance

      1. How should the subgroup outputs be shared?

  5. RDA plenary preparation:

    1. FAIR4RS session: FAIR principles for research software outcomes and governance

    2. Joint session: Supporting FAIR in software

  6. What are the Working Group next steps?

  7. Update on submission to Scientific Data

  8. Other past and future activities

  9. AOB