RDA IG FAIR DO Fabric: Project Share July 27

18 Jul 2023

Dear all,
We would like to invite to our next meeting of “RDA FAIR Digital Object Fabric IG”.
Meeting: 2023, July 27, UTC 15:00
Meeting room: https://kit-lecture.zoom.us/j/64010304690
Meeting ID: 640 1030 4690
Project share:
Revision of the RDA guiding principles on Kernel Information Profiles
Presenter: Ulrich Schwardmann, GWDG
In 2018, the RDA PID Kernel Information working group provided a recommendation on Kernel Information Profiles (KIP) that contains seven principles regarding the attributes used. The idea behind these guiding principles was to foster machine actionable services and to enable high speed decision processes on values in the attributes of PID records. These goals also have some value for the usage of profiles for FDOs.
In the light of the FDO description of the FDO record and of the purposes FDO records are used for it turned out that there are some ambiguities, unproductive principles and even contradictions in the recommendations that should be cleared. This is of importance since often in specific implementation tasks these guiding principles are seen as binding and not just as recommendations.
The 'Technical Specification & Implementation Group' of the FDO Forum proposes therefore some changes that will be presented and should be discussed in the RDA IG on FAIR Digital Objects.
Collaborative notes:
We are looking forward to the presentation and the discussions.
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