Invite to brainstorming meeting about FAIR DO training

05 Apr 2022

Dear all,

Thanks to all the recent the work in both the RDA FAIR DO Fabric IG and the GO-FAIR FAIR DO Forum, the concept of FAIR Digital Objects (FDOs) and various tools to work with them have now reached enough maturity that it is high time to start thinking about organizing training sessions to encourage uptake of FDOs in all relevant sectors. 

These training sessions should cover a range of aspects and subtopics (introduction, technical specs, tools, ...) and address different target groups (researchers, data center staff, ...). 

To kick off the development of relevant courses and materials, we would like to invite all interested parties -  technical experts, potential instructors, training professionals and everyone else with an interest in FDO Training - to a first brainstorming meeting. 

The goals of this first meeting are to define the best way forward - including how to organize ourselves into focus groups that can tackle e.g. course plans & curricula, desired learning outcomes, setting up test beds/sandboxes,  identifying a suitable learning platform, and building up a collection of already existing materials & resources. 

A doodle has been set up ( with options in late April and early May; the time slots were chosen to accommodate people from both Europe and in the Americas. Please respond by close of business on April 20!

The selected date & time will be communicated via this mailing list. If you would like to be kept informed of these training-related activities, but cannot make it to the first meet-up, please let Maggie Hellström (margareta(dot)hellstrom (at) nateko(dot)lu(dot)se) know.

Best regards,