Summary of Virtual Layer Recommendations


Summary of Virtual Layer Recommendations

By Tobias Weigel

Data Fabric Interest Group

Group co-chairs: Jianhui Li, Tobias Weigel

Supporting Output title: Summary of Virtual Layer Recommendations

Authors: RDA Data Fabric Interest Group

DOI: 10.15497/RDA00026

Impact: Provides a high-level conceptual framework to support Digital Object management and service development.

Citation: RDA Data Fabric Interest Group (2018): Summary of Virtual Layer Recommendations. DOI: 10.15497/RDA00026.



This output describes a concept for establishing a comprehensive network of components for the management of digital objects. The concept follows principles of layering and modularity and describes a set of key components required to realize a network for e-infrastructures in practice.

Supporting Output file: 

Summary of Virtual Layer Recommendations (PDF)


Please note: There is an earlier, longer version of this Supporting Output, dated August 2017, which underwent Community Review in October 2017. Comments on this earlier version led to the creation of the Suporting Output on this page.

The full text of the August 2017 version can be accessed here:



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