FAIR Digital Object Fabric IG Charter

18 Oct 2021

FAIR Digital Object Fabric IG Charter

Context of this Charter

The IG Data Fabric was originally founded in 2013 with the scope to harmonize and to orchestrate RDA’s core components for a data infrastructure. Over the years one of the group’s topics shifted more and more to the introduction and specification of FAIR Digital Objects as an overarching concept building up research data infrastructures. The name of the IG Data Fabric is puzzling, confuses potential new RDA members, and promises a steep learning curve to the broad landscape of discussed topics . To address these issues and to focus the objectives, the members of the IG Data Fabric are proposing to change the name of the group to FAIR Digital Object Fabric.


This modified IG Charter was discussed in the IG working meeting, September 23rd 2021, and was open for an internal IG Data Fabric review and commenting period from September 27 until October 11 2021.




Review period start: 
Monday, 18 October, 2021 to Thursday, 18 November, 2021
Documents : 
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  • Paula Andrea Martinez's picture

    Author: Paula Andrea Ma...

    Date: 16 Nov, 2021

    Dear all,

    Thanks for sharing the Charter and inviting the community to comment on it. I've recently joined your IG session at the Plenary 18 and had the opportunity to hear more about your group.

    It is a wonderful idea to rename the group and to continue to be a communication and coordination platform. Including all digital objects and not just focusing on "Data" is benefitial to all researchers who produce diverse research outputs, to make them FAIR will enhance the ability to make those ouputs more visible, reusable and citable. Hence, by refering to all digital objects we can avoid exclusion of new forms of research outputs too.

    Being one of the co-chairs of the FAIR for Research Software Working group https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/fair-4-research-software-fair4rs-wg, I would suggest to mention explitly "research software" instead of just "software". Particularly in "FAIR DOs may represent data, research software or other research resources."

    I'd also like invite you all who are interested to review our available outputs, and join our events. There is a Research Software definition available, via the Subgroup 3 Report. Finally, we the co-chairs will be happy to connect your group with representatives who can share their early adopter stories. Feel free to communicate with us via the post in our WG page.


    all the best,


  • Rainer Stotzka's picture

    Author: Rainer Stotzka

    Date: 22 Nov, 2021

    Dear Paula,

    Thanks a lot for reading the charter and your comments as well as your contributions to our vP18 session.

    The outputs of the FAIR4RS WG are important and we would like to link it with the FAIR DO Fabric.
    For that we would like to invite you or sombody of the FAIR4RS group to present our outcomes
    in one of our Project Shares. I will try to prepare a preliminary schedule in December.

    I agree that your suggestion to change the sentence to "FAIR DOs may represent data, research software or other
    research resources." is beneficial for RDA since we focus on research data, research software and other research artifacts.

    In principal, the concept of FAIR Digital Objects is defined much broader “A bit sequence with a persistent identifier (PID), 
    metadata and a type”. 
    that includes data, software, workflows, designs, protocols, and many other resources. This is
    the reason why we chose the expression "software" as a broader term.

    Definitely, I will look into the FAIR4rS outcomes an I am looking forward to further discussions.

    All the best,


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