Testing the indicators

30 Sep 2019
Groups audience: 

Dear colleagues,
I was not able to attend the Sept 12th webinars - we had the RDA France
annual meeting 11-13 Sept. We had an occasion to discuss the WG work the
following day in our plenary session, thanks to Edit who presented its
current status. I understand that you plan to test your findings wrt.
existing methodologies to measure FAIRness. I would like to propose to
test also wrt. existing disciplinary data sharing frameworks. I have my
own discipline in mind here, astronomy, which has an international
framework of standards and tools called the virtual observatory which is
operational. The community routinely finds, access and reuse data
'interoperably' in its daily research work. But there are certainly others.
For me it would really make sense to make this kind of 'real life' test
for several disciplinary fields, if possible, to test the rules
relevance and applicability. Does it make sense for others?