Recent conference session highlighting the FAIR DMM Criteria

16 Jun 2021
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Dear FDMM Colleagues,

On the 10th of June, I participated in the HealthyCloud ( FAIR method models meeting, where participants discussed several FAIR implementation models for the health domain. It was good to see that the different methods are building different elements of the FDDM Critera into their own methods. Main messages:

1. It is important to work on all letters and not only the F or the A.

2. FAIR DMM is domain agnostic and therefore we removed open and focused on FAIR only.

3. Health data is sensitive data, "open" matters.

4. Interoperability means not only inside the domain but also cross-domain.

 4. It would be good to have feedback from the project as a first use case from health.


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    Author: Barend Mons

    Date: 16 Jun, 2021

    Great ponts Edit, I could not participate, glad you did…
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