RDA FAIR Data Maturity Model WG - Update, Request for Adoption Stories, Next Steps

16 Jun 2021
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FAIR Data Maturity Model (FDMM) Members,
Thank you all for participating in our joint session in April at Virtual Plenary 17 joining with the Data Granularity WG and the Metadata IG.
* Session Description
* Collaborative Notes
In the session we provided a brief overview of the work of the FDMM and heard from Keith Jeffries, co-chair of the Metadata IG, on their work specific to data granularity. Representing the Data Granularity WG (not yet endorsed), Katie McNeill provided an overview of the WG objectives with a request to the community for feedback.
Our next steps are to review the current feedback on adoption and seek additional adoption use cases. We are interested in how this community is leveraging the FDMM model in your own work or through promotion both internally to your organization and externally.
Please help us to stay connected to your work as it applies to the FDMM by sharing your stories informally (email Keith, Edit, and Shelley) or more formally by submitting a post to the WG page or participating in our upcoming workshops.
Here are a couple mentions/events that included information on the FDMM:
* Recent conference session highlighting FAIR, CARE, and TRUST, by Shelley Stall
* Recent conference session highlighting the FAIR DMM Criteria, by Edit Herczog
In the coming days we will send more information about our next workshop (planned for prior to the next plenary) and reach out to the organizations who have implemented or referenced the FDMM in their own work.
If you are implementing FAIR and using the FDMM in your work, we would like to include you in this effort. Most especially if you have not yet shared your experience using the FDMM. Please email Keith (***@***.***), Edit (***@***.*** ), or Shelley (***@***.*** ).
Best regards,
FDMM WG Co-chairs: Keith Russell, Edit Herczog, Shelley Stall
Shelley Stall
Senior Director, Data Leadership
2000 Florida Ave. N.W. | Washington, D.C.20009