RDA FAIR data maturity model: Call out for feedback

28 Jan 2020
Groups audience: 

Dear members of the FAIR data maturity model WG,
We would like to personally thank the people that have – so far –
contributed to the guidelines [1]. Your comments and suggestions have
helped the editorial to refine and improve the document.
Nevertheless, as the guidelines is a living document, we invite ALL members
of the WG to have a glance at the document and propose edits / make
suggestions when appropriate. We have made significant steps forward in the
document and aim at presenting a stable version at the next RDA plenary in
Next to that, we also would like to also thank the people that volunteered
for the testing phase. The key-takeaways from this exercise will be
integrated in the presentation of the 13th of February [2]. Additionally,
the feedback – when relevant – will be turned into change requests.
Although we no longer integrate the feedback in our next workshop’s
presentation, interested people may still come forward to do the testing.
Needless to say that additional feedback will be treated just as during the
testing phase. Please reach out to us, we will provide the support needed
Also, don’t hesitate to comment on any other aspect of the work of the
editorial team!
The editorial team
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