FAIR data maturity model: workshop 8 and short survey

03 Apr 2020
Groups audience: 

Dear members of the RDA FAIR Data Maturity Model Working Group,
We were very pleased to see many members joining the calls and contributing
to the discussions. The editorial team has assembled a report, including
the topics covered and the views shared during the calls. The report can be
accessed here .
As you are aware, ten tests were executed by several volunteers using a
template. Testers were invited to compare the indicators against (1) (FAIR)
self-assessment methodologies and (2) digital objects. Consequently, as
mentioned during our calls, *testers have formulated requests to*
- either upgrade or downgrade the priority of some indicators; and
- add, remove, combine or reformulate some indicators.
For the sake of transparency, we have bundled these requests into a short
survey . May we kindly ask you to
share your opinion? The survey is completely anonymous, does not require
you to sign up for an account and is composed of only 27 YES/NO questions.
Your input is extremely important and reaching a global consensus on the
indicators and their priorities is fundamental to this Working Group. *We
thank you for your devoting 5 minutes of your time to our **survey*
*. *
Based on the conclusions of the survey and the discussions on the open
issues on GitHub
, the
editorial team will create a final version of the indicators and make the
associated changes to the guidelines document by early April 2020. At that
time, the FAIR data checklist will also be finalised. The latters will be
proposed for a formal public review starting mid-April. Further
communication about the formal review period will be shared with the
members of the WG in due time.
Please note that as mid-April is getting closer, the survey will close on
Wednesday 8 April 2020
Should you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us directly or via
the mailing list.
The editorial team
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