Panel Discussion

12 Mar 2019

Dear Colleagues,
In the upcoming plenary we would like to have a panel on Ethics in Data
We have drafted several questions and would like to ask your contribution
(see below). Please let us know if you would like to add discussion topics.
We are also looking for experts who would like to take part on the panel
discussion. If you are interested please let us know.
Here is the initial question set for panel discussion:
1. What do you see as some of the major issues and concerns around data
science/analytics THAT ARE NOT ABOUT PRIVACY?
2. What are steps that we can take to develop a culture of ethics in
corporate settings, where so much of the data analytics work takes place?
3. How do we develop a code of ethics/checklist for ethical uses of data
science? Should we? And who is "we"?
4. What are mechanisms we can develop/are being developed to evaluate
the outcomes of algorithmic decision-making?
5. What are some of the effects of algorithmic bias that you are seeing
in your environments? Are they being addressed and how?
6. How does "the right to be forgotten" play into our concerns for data
sources/outcomes of data analytics?
7. If we want to create diverse teams for data science, what should
those teams look like?
8. On of the major criticisms of algorithmic decision-making is the lack
of transparency and accountability in such systems (examples include
housing, financial products, health insurance). What are some ways we might
put accountability into the system?
Oya Beyan @ Kalpana Shankar