New ESAD Co-chair: Dr. Oya Beyan

16 Jul 2017

Hello Everyone,

Kalpana and I are excited to introduce a new co-chair for the Ethics and Social Aspects of Data Sharing IG: Dr. Oya Beyan.

Oya is a researcher in Germany working on ethics and technology. Our goals moving forward are to facilitate the work of other groups while highligthing the importance of ethics and ESAD for the Research Data Alliance. To that end, Oya has already begun crafting a mind map to guide our future efforts; and we have a break out session "Building Bridges: Multiple Reflections on Ethical Concerns and Next Steps for ESAD" at the upcoming plenary in Montreal.

Oya will be emailing soon to introduce herself and set up a teleconference prior to our in-person meeting in Montreal.

I look forward to our renewed efforts and hope to see you all at P10.