Revised Group Charter for the ESIP/RDA Earth, space and environmental sciences Interest Group

04 Jun 2018

Dear all
As I said would happen in Berlin, here is the revised Group Charter for the ESIP/RDA Earth, space and environmental sciences Interest Group (ESES IG) (sorry it took so long).
The idea of this group is to help connect Earth, space, and environmental science (ESES) communities that are developing, through multiple international efforts, both general and domain-specific leading practices for data management, infrastructure development, vocabularies, and common data/digital services. The goal of the ESES Interest Group is to work towards coordinating and harmonizing these efforts to reduce possible duplication. It will be coordinated by ESIP and RDA.
I think takes into account the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) comments that were raised previously The changes requested were not major, but we hope we have made clear enough that our use of the term ‘space’ is not geospatial, but rather space as in extra-terrestrial as is used by AGU and EGU.
I would like to submit this on Friday 8 June to TAB – please make any edits in track changes. I know this is short notice, but we have to get this approved before we get a session approved for the RDA Plenary 12 in Botswana.
I have also created a new document called ‘Register of ESES groups’: Please add new groups to it if you know of any. This is a register of groups that we know are building Earth, space and environmental data infrastructures.
In the Charter at the bottom of page 3, I listed those groups that contacted us before/during Berlin and want to be active participants in the new IG. If your group is on the Register of ESES groups, but not on this community list in the ESES IG Charter, please feel free to add it so that we can make sure you are part of future communications.
Finally, in addition to the RDA ESES IG mailing list, I have sent this to those that attended in RDA Plenary 11 in Berlin or have expressed interest in this ESES IG at some stage. Some of you have not registered for the ESES IG mailing list. If you would like to be included please join in on
Please forward this email anyone else you think could be interested in joining.
Take care