Notes from the Berlin RDA Plenary Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences Interest Group.

30 Mar 2018

Dear all
We had a successful inaugural Interest Group Meeting at the RDA in Berlin.
Nearly 60 people attended, and we were able to have a joint online meeting with the OGC Geosciences Domain-Working Group in Orleans France who are working on similar goals.
Here is a link to the meeting Notes:
Here is a link to the presentations:
By the end of the meeting we had compiled a list of 26 groups working in some way on eResearch infrastructures that included Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences.
For those of you who were not at the meeting, if you would like to add more groups to the table in the meeting notes, can you please do so, as this list will form the basis of an online reference catalogue for this Interest Group.
As some of you are aware, we have been asked to revise our case statement
This will be the highest priority of the group. If anyone would like to help in the revision, please let me know.
Take care